This website is dedicated to the one of the best cultural phenomenon.  We are trying to promote the supreme capoeira classes in NY. Here we will introduce you to the history of capoeira and its modern state. Our main priority is to give you information about the best schools in NY. This part-dance and part-martial art culture is already starting to cover the whole region. Capoeira was born in Brazil, but now you can take the capoeira lessons in Brooklyn NY too. So, we will show you the best capoeira classes in Ny and the top available capoeira NY Brooklyn schools.

We want to promote the best schools and classes, so you would be able to make an easy decision. This South American artistic dance includes many forms and meaning. So, we wanted to make the website about its most important shades and aspects. This will help you to know how it could be an amazing experience and also the opportunity to learn the self-defense technique.

This dancing style is already an integral part of the Brazilian history. Now it’s migrating to the north. The capoeira schools in NY are perfectly qualified to teach you well about this awesome dance. The main lessons include the training in a circle formation. This circle is called the “Roda” and within it includes at least two capoeiristas teacher. The capoeira Brooklyn lessons often include its specific musical accompaniment. To play this original melody, musicians use the specific instruments like berimbau and the atabaque.

The audience of this incredible dancing culture is getting bigger and bigger. So our main goal is to show them the best way to getting involved in learning process of Capoeira. Because of that, our website includes information about the Capoeira nyc queens schools and details about the nyc lower east side capoeira classes.